Placements and Professional Exchanges throughout the years....
Here is a partial list of sectors in which we have sent the participants of our projects:

telemedicine * education technology  *  rural schooling and distance learning * gaming and mobile apps  

architecture and design * enology and wine production * business and commerce * tourism and ecotourism 

transportation and highway safety * retail * fashion * exports and logistics * technology, biotechnology and

innovation * hotel management * catering * energy and alternative energy  *  theatre, dance, and music event

productions *  artistic and cultural presentations * art restoration * art galllery and museum docents * historical

preservation * textiles and clothing  * sport and leisure activities * telecommunications * recycling and waste

management * pulp, wood, and paper products * multimedia * repair of motor vehicles and  automobiles * mining,

metal products and metallurgy * print and digital media, journalism and communication * machinery installation,

maintenance, and repair * NGOs, nonprofits and the civil sector * public sector and open government * microfinancing

urban development and smart growth * just commerce * dental technology * heating, ventilation, plumbing and air-

conditioning * health and human services * graphics and marketing * publishing and printing * forestry *  food and

culinary export and trade * fisheries environmental protection, conservation and biological diversity * entrepreneurship  * 

social entrepreneuriship * chemical products, plastics, ceramics, other non-metallic mineral products * marine biology

fisheries * water quality * micro- biology and biotechnology * pharmaceuticals * finance and economics * agriculture,

viniculture, horticulture and hydroponics *  biotensive farming * epigenetics and crop enhancements * boating and

maritime transportation * language training translations and interpretations * business administration and management

In-Country Seminars

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Frameworks -  21st Century

​Learning and Teaching

Frameworks - 21st Century 
Learning and Teaching

Project Overview:  Participants

will become proficient in knowledge-

building pedagogy, methodologies

and technology for use in primary

and secondary education classrooms,

Join an international network of
educators - teachers, principals and 

technology staff and faculty - for

mentoring,partnering classrooms

world-wide, and implementing

assessment tools for verifying 

student growth and improved learning 


Global Skills Network scp

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E-Learning Project

Cultural Programming


We take care of all the paper-

work and documentation

required so project participants

can enjoy and learn from their​ experiences. .

Professional Visits

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TRANSNATIONAL MOBILITY IS OUR SPECIALTY - making connections is our passion! 

For career development activity, visit our site



For more information contact us at email  Alternatively,

you can send us a message through our

online contact form:

  • Organise, monitor and certify work experience projects in a wide variety of sectors and industries
  • Arrange professional visits and exchanges for teachers, industry leaders, 
  • Identify appropriate ancillary services such as accommodations, local transportation and cultural activity
  • Process all documentation, including reporting and issuance of certification
  • Language training and interpretation services

what we do.....

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E-Learning Project

Short-term Training Projects
We can customise training projects to fit your needs! 

Looking for an Erasmus+ or European Social Fund grant partner?  
We are a member of the Global Skills Network, a consortium of organizations

sponsoring life-changing opportunities through education, training and connections.

We have been organising, monitoring and certifying transnational mobility program-

ming for over 12-years, and lend our experience to manage projects that fit within the

parameters of Erasmus Plus programming, where participants have a chance to

improve their skills or acquire new skills and knowledge in a wide range of sectors.

Over the years, we have created placements and have organised professional visits

in most sectors - from hospitality to retail and fashion, business to entrepreneurship,

media to sports, the building industry including construction, engineering and architecture

to education and public policy. The result: an extensive network developed on relationships

that have been nurtured with numerous enterprises, schools and public sector entities. All

our partners have a generous spirit with a genuine interest to share their knowledge with

their European colleagues and neighbors.

Our activities are geared toward supporting prospects for personal, professional and

vocational development through work placements and study trips. Our main focus is on

mutual learning and exchanges. Contact us if you have a group wanting to engage in

transnational projects such as work experiences, teacher training, professional visits,

trade missions, or youth programming, especially those related to sports, citizenship

and career development. We'll organise the most invaluable experience possible!

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Frameworks - 21st Century

Learning and Teaching


Kick-Off meeting in Barcelona, preliminary preparation is

completed online before the realisation of the mobilities,

followed by in-country training once the partners arrives

in Spain. This process combines theory with practical

exercises and professional visits that will enhance the

learning taking place.

Required Texts:  Excerpted texts, articles, videos and

other preparatory material will be either accessed online

or downloaded from the Global Skills Network VETPRO

Training portal -

We are looking for partners for the 2017-2018 school

cycle, to begin teacher training during the summer.

Contact us today! Contact Sandra Lund-Diaz, M.Ed.,




Seasoned Pros in International Lifelong Learning -

Career Assessment and Development Practitioners

taming the paper tiger 

E-Learning for Educators and 

Project Overview:  

will study trends and gain

proficiency in tools for

synchronous, asynchronous

and blended distance learning.

The outcomes include provoking

a self-assessment of the type of

online learning platform needs
educators, trainers, human resources 
specialists and VET centers, schools, other
training institutions and organizations have to proceed according to educational

content and outcomes desired for targeted populations and groups.

Since 2003, we have participated in the Professionals in Vocational Education and
Training (VETPRO) projects that aim to support transnational mobility of persons
responsible for vocational training and/or human resources. We are proposing three
VETPRO Hybrid Traning Project for Erasmus Plus KA2 Strategic Parnterhips under
the upcoming funding cycle, and we are seeking partners

Pre-mobility Training

Global Skills Network is dedicated

to bridging the skills deficiency gap - 

the divide between what is learned

through formal education and training

and what employers need from their workforce. We welcome groups

from throughout Europe for work

experiences, internships and

vocational training projects within

our extensive network of host

companies and organizations.

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A glimpse into future education

with ArcheaoSchool
Phenomenon Learning

around topics

​We are headquartered in Barcelona, the 

cosmopolitan hub of innovation, retail,
technology, and industry in Southern 
Europe, situated on the Mediterranean. 
We are able to organise programming

throughout Spain and Andorra.





We have been organising, monitoring and certifying

learning experiences and exchanges for over 12 years.

Our staff is multi-lingual and our extensive network of

host companies, enterprises, public sector entities 

and nonprofits serve to sponsor placements for work

experience, training and internships as well as

professional exchanges. Our relationships with

universities and vocational training institutions, as

well as with public/private partnerships for career

and business development are strong bridges between

the acquisition of skills and their practical application in

the labour market. These projects hold great prospects

for personal, vocational and professional development

of our colleagues and neighbors across Europe.

A study visit is an encounter —

but it is first and foremost a

journey of exploration in small

groups. We are able to organize

a wide variety of professional

exchanges, always with an eye toward opportunities that

present themselves to establish

and nurture relationships.

Activity is organized in

collaboration with a wide

variety of sponsors.