Professional Exchanges are organized in collaboration with a wide variety of sponsors:

    * Trade Missions are geographic- or sector-specific exchanges. They are organized in close collaboration

with a wide variety of sponsors, such as chambers of commerce, trade centers, public administrations,

associations and even universities or researchers for companies to learn first-hand about international

markets, establish contacts and open market for their products and services. Delegates on a Trade Mission

travel together and participate as a group in briefings, site visits, and networking receptions.The purpose of

a Trade Mission is to explore international business opportunities, make contacts with colleagues and meet

with officials in the public and private sectors. Trade Missions can be organized by sector or geographic

interest, and expert interpretation and translation services are available for all scheduled activity.
   *  Transnational mobility projects support the exchange of experiences between teachers, trainers,

human resource managers, and other professionals to increase the transparency of the different vocational

training systems in Europe. They also foster their modernisation through mutual learning. By encouraging

the European dimension of lifelong learning, these projects contribute – through enhanced transnational

co-operation – to innovation and improved availability, accessibility and quality of other educational pathways,

sharing of best practices, and a promotion of language and culture. These Lifelong Learning Programmes

focus on the teaching, professional development

and study needs of those in education and

alternative education streams, including

adult education.VETPRO mobility projects

focus on the transfer, improvement and

update of competences and/or of

innovative methods and practices in

the field of vocational training. It can

also cover vocational language learning

of professionals.

A study visit is an encounter — but it

is first and foremost a journey in small

groups. During a study visit, participants

are constantly on the move visiting places

of importance to their fields. This allows

participants to meet and interact with

specialists in the host country. We

organize delegate fact-finding visits for

other European countries and non-

Community members alike.

We are able to organize a wide variety

of Professional Exchanges, always with

an eye toward the opportunities that

present themselves to establish and

nurture relationships. The specific
objectives of any professional exchange

programming should be made clear in

advance so that appropriate visits can

be arranged. 

Upon completion of the programming,

each participant receives a Europass.

Our final report contains all the contact

information of the visits and relationships

established during the project.

For exchanges and professional visits

for teachers and career counselors,

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Our Office

Organizing a Professional Exchange

Project takes approximately 6-8

weeks of preparation, and is con-

tingent upon the availability of host

organizations to receive the group

in a professional visit and/or experts

to conduct seminars and other

organized activity. We require an

application form accompanied by a

list of beneficiaries with their titles

and a short description of their duties

and functions in the organization

promoting the project. We look for

indicators that inform us of the

applicant´s background and interests

so that we can match these with

colleagues at the same level and
undertaking similar responsibilities

in the spirit of a true expert exchange.

Once appropriate hosts are identified,

our staff work on organizing logistics

and calendars, and prepare back-

ground material to be made available

to participants once they arrive.

Most professional visit programming 

is conducted in English, and our

guides always accompany the group

on all official activity to translate for

the group.  Therefore, we require

that all groups come with at least

one person who can translate from

English to the target language of the


Projects are usually carried out over a

period of one week, and occasionally

two. We discourage organizing pro-

gramming that is longer than two

weeks. We are also able to offer

ancilliary services such as group

airport transfers, local transportation

and accommodations, as  well as a

wide range of cultural programming.

 The process...



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