1. Resumes are received

at least 8 weeks in advance

of arrival. This gives us time

to match the interests of the

participants to opportunities 

offered by the host company.

2.    Registration forms are

sent with an indication of

level of fluency in the work-

place environment and the

services required.

3.  Purchase your travel

tickets for arrival at the

designated airport, where

the group is met by our


 The process...

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Global Skills Network scp

Global Skills Network is dedicated to bridging the skills deficiency gap - the divide between what is learned

through formal education and training and what employers need from their workforce. European mobility projects center on IVT (Initial Vocational Training) and  PLMs (Persons in the Labour Market. Both support transnational mobility of students, workers, self-employed or people available for employment to engage in

training abroad.

Work experience projects are not employment - they are educational experiences within a training

context where placements are organised for the participant to gain real-world experience in the labour

market. Our history includes programming designed for high school and college students, recent graduates,

those new to the job market, beneficiaries from marginalised communities, and those who are chronically

unemployed or disabled and with low skills sets who seek training and work experience abroad. We work

with a large number of national and international companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs, the public

sector and nonprofits to arrange high quality work placements in a wide variety of industries.

Upon completion of the programme, participants will have gained practical training, skill enhancements, 

sector knowledge through their placements with the host companies, organisations and enterprises that

sponsor their placement. Beneficiaries are able to integrate themselves into the work environment for

a real-world work experience and achieve a wide

range of competencies in the work place, They are

also able to return to their country upon completion

of the programme with improved skills in reading,

writing and understandinga foreign language. All

participants are able to acquire and/or improve

Professional Skills such as Leadership, Teamwork,

Influencing/Negotiating and Communication.

These transnational programmes are especially

successful at providing the participants with an

opportunity to improve Business Skills, such as

Flexibility, Adaptability, and Problem Solving within

the work environment in which they complete their

placement. They master the skill of Planning, both

in the workplace as well as in their private lives in 

a foreign country. Placements are also important to

impart and fine-tune technical and specialty skills in

their field of interest. Finally, all participants have an

opportunity to improve their Personal Skills, such as

Self-Awareness, Self-Management Motivation and

Enthusiasm, Initiative, and Resourcefulness. Much of

this improvement comes from having to live and work

in a foreign country and negotiate their private lives in

a totally-foreign environment, sometimes being away

from their family or country for the first time and

having to adapt to strange environments and people

from other cultures speaking different languages.

Participants return to their home country better

equipped to meet unique challenges of their field or

profession with improved opportunities to become
successful in the workforce.

For activities focused specifically on career development, 

please visit our site at EUROPEAN CAREER DEVELOPMENT,


Our Office

                                           Global Skills Network expands their year-round Internship project that  

                                           can create work experience programming for groups of 2-20 students

                                           to concentrate on summertime internships in Barcelona. The 4-6 week

                                           programme is designed to provide students with real-world work

experience, acting as a bridge between the labour market and formal studies.


Accepting students ages 16-35 with the recommendation from the high school or university.

We match the subject matter being studied with host companies, enterprises, start-ups and

public agencies working in a related field for the most invaluable experience possible! The

most popular internships include marketing, social media, tourism, culinary arts, data entry,

accounting and non-profit management. Customized internships also possible.

Placements are a great way for students to improve their CV with valuable work experience, 

gain skills and enjoy one of the most vibrant, fun cities in the world - Barcelona!   For more

details, send us a note via the contact form below or visit us online at

                          ‚ÄčEuropean Career Connections

We work with public/private centres for development and business support, career

and workforce development enterprises,

and institutions of learning and trans-

national cooperation. Contact us today!


We are headquartered in

Barcelona, the cosmo-

politan hub of innovation,

technology, retail and

industry in Southern

Europe, situation on the

Mediterranean. We are

able to organise program-

ming throughout Spain

and Andorra.